Comparing young Caruana's development to Sevian and Xiong - posted May 23, 2016


For any player who grew up in the United States, it is quite easy to pull up their entire tournament history on the USCF website and parse the data. First, an overview of Fabiano Caruana's progress as a youngster. You'll find nothing earth-shattering here. Nobody will be surprised that Caruana started young, played a lot of chess as a kid, and that his rating shot up quickly. Keep in mind these are USCF ratings which tend to be slightly higher than FIDE.

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2015 World Cup preview - posted September 05, 2015

The World Cup starts up on September 10, 2015. The top two finishers will qualify for the Candidates tournament. Let's have a look at some of the top seeds, and how they've historically done in past World Cups, as well as FIDE World Championship KO tournaments which used the same format. Those two events will be treated as one group.

Veselin Topalov (BUL)
Consistently performed well in FIDE WC KOs, making the semi-finals in 2004, and always making it to at least the round of 16. On the other hand, he has never played in the World Cup, so it's been over a decade since he's played in this type of event.

Hikaru Nakamura (USA)
In three tries, his furthest run was the round of 16 twice.

Fabiano Caruana (USA)
Two mediocre runs in two previous World Cups in 2009 and 2011, but.... (Read more)

Fabiano Caruana crushes Sinquefield Cup with historical result - posted September 14, 2014

The 2014 Sinquefield Cup was touted as the strongest chess tournament ever. This claim is based purely on average ELO rating which is disputable due to rating inflation, but with it featuring six of the top nine players in the world, it's definitely at least in the discussion of the strongest events ever. Fabiano Caruana, in a phenomenal performance, won his first 7 games and drew the last 3 to win the event by a massive 3-point margin. This comes after his 1.5-point victory at the Dortmund tournament. This red-hot run by Caruana has sent his rating surging into the 2830s, ranking second in the world. (Read more)

Hou Yifan wins Grand Prix title with shared first in Sharjah - posted September 13, 2014

In the final Grand Prix event in Sharjah, Yifan Hou and Wenjun Ju finished on 8.5/11, two points clear of the rest of the field. Wenjun was the official tournament winner on tiebreak. (Read more)

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave victorious in Biel - posted July 30, 2014

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave won clear first at the Hans Suri Memorial during the Biel Chess Festival with a 6/10 score. Vachier-Lagrave was leading comfortably throughout but things got more interesting when he lost in Round 9 to Giri. (Read more)

Fabiano Caruana dominates at Dortmund - posted July 30, 2014

Fabiano Caruana had a dominating victory at the Dortmund Sparkassen tournament, winning by a 3-game margin in a seven round tournament! Caruana was undefeated with four wins and three draws for a 2935 performance rating. (Read more)

July ratings update - posted July 05, 2014

Everything on the site is now updated with the July FIDE ratings! (Read more)

Sergey Karjakin repeats as Norway Chess champion - posted June 19, 2014

Sergey Karjakin, for the second year in a row, won the Norway chess supertournament, both times with a 6.0/9 score... (Read more)

Gata Kamsky wins 2014 US Championship for his fifth title - posted May 22, 2014

Gata Kamsky won the 2014 U.S. Championship, his fifth title and second in a row, by defeating Varuzhan Akobian in a tiebreak rapid match.

Throughout the tournament, the usually dominant Kamsky struggled to collect wins while his rivals traded the lead.... (Read more)

Irina Krush wins 2014 US Womens Championship, her sixth - posted May 22, 2014

Irina Krush won the US Womens Championship for the sixth time, and third time in a row, when she defeaated Tatev Abrahamyan in a rapid playoff match.

Krush was not in her best form in this tournament, and after a series of draws found herself a full point behind Anna Zatonskih. The crucial matchup with Zatonskih came in Round 9... (Read more)

Alexander Morozevich wins 2014 Poikovsky Karpov - posted May 21, 2014

After a sub-par 2013, Alexander Morozevich is looking better this year, taking clear first place in the Category XVIII 2014 Poikovsky Karpov. Morozevich finished undefeated on a 6.0/9 (+3) score.

Dmitry Jakovenko, 2012 winner and frequent invitee to this event, finished clear second with 5.5/9.... (Read more)

Wesley So wins 2014 Capablanca Memorial - posted May 19, 2014

Wesley So scored his biggest tournament victory to date, winning the Category XIX 2014 Capablanca Memorial. So went undefeated with wins over Vallejo-Pons, Almasi, and Dominguez. No other players were able to separate themselves from the pack.

So's rating has been surging. The 20-year-old is now the #15 ranked player in the world on the Live Rating List.

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2014 U.S. Women's Championship Halfway Report - posted May 14, 2014

No surprises at the top of the leaderboard. Four-time champion Anna Zatonskih and five-time champion Irina Krush are leading the tournament, both on 4.0/5 (+3)....

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2014 U.S. Championship Halfway Report - posted May 14, 2014

After six rounds in the U.S. Championship, the co-leaders are Varuzhan Akobian and Aleksandr Lenderman on 4.0/6 (+2).

Lenderman has shown excellent form so far but will face a very tough test in Rounds 7 and 8 with black against two perennial top seeds Kamsky and Onischuk....

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Intro to - posted May 13, 2014

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